Musu tikslas - nuo pirmu imones ikurimo dienu teisingas projektines aplinkos kurimas iki imones mokesciu sistemos optimizavimo.
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Real estate project management

We provide all the real estate project development and management services:

1. Investment feasibility studio:

• Real estate market survey, the selection of individual decisions,
• Project‘s profitability, risk evaluation
• The selection of best alternatives study
• Creation of the project concept on the basis of the results of the market investigation.

2. Representation on the acquisition of immovable property:

• The organization of the negotiation. The representation of the client in the negotiation;
• Document management, transaction processing, registration of ownership.

3. Management of the design phase

• The selection of the detailed planning operator and the control,
• Client‘s representation in public institutions,
• The presentation of project in society.

4. Design works‘ management:

• Design competitions, selection of contractor.
• Preparation of the design task,
• The technical project preparation advice and control, obtaining permission for construction,
• The work of the project‘s preparation organization and control.

5. The management of the construction works:

• Tendering and selection of contractors for the construction works,
• Formation of hamestrap,
• Organisation of building materials supply,
• The contractual obligations‘ execution control,
• Client‘s representation in public institutions,
• Organisation of technical supervision of the object.

6. Organization of the process of sale and the sale of the premises:

• Marketing strategy and the premises‘ sales concept development,
• Internet site design,
• Creation and implementation of the plan of advertising,
• The search of the customer,
• The signing of sales contracts.

7. The real estate administration