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Real estate and constructions financial consultation

Real estate advice
,,IIB“ command in this area is gained a lot of valuable practical experience. We work with clients who are involved in the development of real estate projects. We offer advice on financial matters to all types of legal forms of enterprises and private persons, or to transfer them the immovable property. We organize this estate purchase – selling, leasing, asset management and general business transactions. Besides, we help to get loans from the banks for enterprises and private persons of acquisition of immovable property.
Specialists propose the non-standard solutions to customers in IBB, which are necessary in the development of real estate projects, in the acquisition of assets or a decisive control into it. We consult clients and help them to manage risk during the difficult project‘s development process.
Construction consultations
IBB professionalism allows to advise in the construction sector. We provide financial - legal services which are connected with the construction of the right. Since we represent investors, contractors, principals, and other participants in the construction process, we also organise and appreciate contract, subcontract, design, construction management and supervision, general contracts, claims for construction works , construction management and maintenance services, and legal documents which are needed for our clients and the specific construction project in which they are involved in implementation. Moreover, we offer and appreciate the alternative financial and legal schemes, enabling the execution of management of construction project and its legal-economic risks arising from the time.
IBB financiers advise investors in the large scale construction projects. Our team can provide the implementation of construction projects and legal schemes of the financial assessment, advise clients on risk management, carry out a search by tendering subcontractors.
IBB performs preliminary analysis of the development of real estate projects, construction and other types of organization activity. We offer for our customers economically beneficial solutions.