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Accounting services

IIB specialists have a lot of experience, managing the accounting documents for the different size purposes. Providing services circle is wide: from basic accounting tasks to complex and requiring more job applications in the works.

Full of small businesses accounting management
According to the primary bookkeeping accounting delivered documents is managed bookkeeping accounting. The company‘s director and the responsible staff are adviced on accounting and tax matters. There are organized tax reports and the declaration for the supervisory institutions.
• registration of the advance;
• purchase and sales accounts registration ;
• till documents registration;
• long-term property accounting;
• registration of the bank documents;
• quantity store records;
• tax calculation;
• financial responsibility and tax account preparation;
• preparation of financial statistical reports;
• preparation of the internal financial account (according a separate agreement with the customer):
• -creditors/debtors;
• -profit/loss report;
• -sales extract;
• -warehouse residue extract;
• -balance;
• applications (banks, insurance) filling;

Wage accounting
There are calculated the wages and salaries of employees, prepared the payment of wages to employees, the settlement leaves for workers, provided the declaration VSDF (Sodra).
According to the form, there are prepared reports for the management.

The chief accountant‘s function
For enterprises with their own accountant, who does simple accounting operations.
Services – all accountant operations‘ control, other accounting operations‘ transaction, wage‘s accounting, calculation of the tax, as well as the declaration consultations, internal reports‘ arrangement for the company‘s management.

We have specialists in providing professional VAT advice on the laws questions in various countries. They can prepare regular VAT reports, presented to the relevant customs and tax authorities.


Our specialists provide a range of services in the field of personal tax, in order to legally minimize tax obligations.