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Accountant's services

Analysis of the company's financial indicators, the conclusions and recommendations of the provision and the comparison with the companies in the business.
Calculated and analyzed financial indicators and coefficients for the previous periods and predictable in their value will help you to sight at your business's financial position deeper and further. Each month you will receive not only the updated information about the dynamics of the indicators, however, and detailed explanations, warnings about a negative one or other indicators of trends, potential risk factors, assessment of the financial situation and a comparison with the general trends in the industry of your business, recommendations for actions affecting the condition of financial indicators.

Budgets‘ establishment and control

On the basis of your accounting data and information about the company's future plans, we will provide and update the revenue and expenditure budgets, which will allow you to ensure strict control of expenditure, and it will provide the basis for planning cash flows.

Cash flow planning and control
We will permanently control the cash flow planning, ensuring that your company will provide the possible difficulties of the lack of working capital, potential losses due to excessive quantities of cash in hand or holding a bank account.

Advice on funding decisions
In time, we will identify the potential financial difficulties or the possibilities of business development, we will advice in the admission of financing decisions.

Consulting on investment decisions
In time, we will identify the potential cash surplus, inform you about opportunities such surplus turned into additional income and consult you by selecting the optimal investment method.
This service will allow customers to effectively control the financial position, to identify potential financial problems or opportunities, and at the same time to save the head of the undertaking, the company's funds to the work which would be intended to the hiring of finance analyst.

Today, international investors understand the importance of checking the reliability of clients and suppliers, before starting the large commercial operations. We can quickly provide the correct information about the enterprises in all countries. If information about the companies and private persons‘ solvency exsists, we can find suitable information and provide the relevant report. This information can be submitted by fax or electronic mail within a few days from the receipt of the application, and it can help you quickly to make a picture of the potential business partners.

Proper planning is essential for any contemplated transaction, regardless of its size. We have qualified specialists able to prepare the business plans for borrowing and company‘s evaluation or strategic planning purposes and market research, corresponding to your needs. Rates depend on the drafting of the plan, and conducted market research complication.

In some countries, for example the Isle of man, Ireland and the United Kingdom, to the corporate financial reports are required to add the audit reports drawn up by independent accountants. Audit is an independent accountant 's (which is more widely known as the Auditor ') carried out the reports‘ inspection. The purpose of this inspection, is to ascertain that the company director‘s represented report properly and rightly describes the enterprise‘s activities and the financial results. The audit report is particular important to marketing companies. The third countries, particular banks and tax institute, much more trust in audited financial reports. We have relationships with a number of suitably qualified auditors who can provide these services.